Making a case for your organization through the power of language.

Grant Writing

I will walk you through the grant seeking process from start to finish. Although I am based in Chicago, I work remotely with organizations across the country. My services include:

  • Funder research: Drawing on my knowledge of foundations, corporate sponsors and government agencies, I will help your organization create a comprehensive grant-seeking plan that is tailored to your mission and organizational capacity.
  • Program consultation: Many clients have questions about how they can improve their programming to make it more attractive to funders. I offer practical advice on measures that organizations can take to enhance the quality of their current programming, without straying from their core mission. I also work with organizations who are creating new programming, to bring a fundraiser’s perspective to the table early on in the process.
  • Proposal development: Working with program staff, I will gather all the information necessary for a complete and persuasive grant proposal. My familiarity with applications of all kinds enables me to ask all the right questions quickly and efficiently, using minimal staff time.
  • Application assembly:  I will organize your grant proposal exactly as indicated on the grant application. This is where my attention to detail comes in: I meticulously assemble and index all required attachments, for a flawless proposal that showcases your organization’s professionalism and competency.
  • Submission: For each grant request, I will complete all necessary submission steps, for both online and hard-copy format applications. I always aim to submit applications early, to allow time for any technical glitches or postal service delays.
  • Grant reporting: Once a grant has been received, it can be easy for organizations to forget that the process is not over yet! Many funders require detailed reports on the progress of a grant, often at six-month or twelve-month intervals. I will work with your staff to provide complete and timely reports, in order to avoid delinquency and maintain good standing with each funder.