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Redesigning a client’s website

December 6th, 2012 | Posted by Sarah in Nonprofit Marketing | Website content

Last week, I was thrilled to receive a notification that a client, MOSES of Detroit, has received a Causality Brand Grant. I actually learned of this opportunity via a Linked In grant writers group, where the announcement was posted. The application was extremely simple, and only took about 45 minutes to complete.

Causality specializes in nonprofit branding, and the grant will provide 1:1 matching funds for the budget that MOSES has available for website redesign.

Last year, I worked with MOSES to submit a capacity-building grant application to the Kellogg Foundation. The application was funded, and included a modest allotment of funds to be used for strategic marketing and web redesign. With that budget doubled, and the design expertise of Causality at our fingertips, now we have to get down to the real work. What message do we want to convey with the new website? 

MOSES is a faith-based community organizing nonprofit serving the Detroit metropolitan region. The organization is non-denominational, non-partisan, and fully committed to improving the quality of life for all metro Detroit residents. Yet some of the organization’s key buzzwords – “social justice,” “faith-based,” and even “community organizing” have become polarizing, especially in today’s deeply divided political and economic climate.

The organization wishes to open its arms to all community members committed to regional cooperation. Yet the principles of community organizing are central to its mission. The question remains: how much do we emphasize these roots as we craft the messaging for MOSES’ new website? What language do we use to engage the broadest audience, without alienating our longtime supporters?

These are the questions I will be mulling over as I draft copy for the new website. Please stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the revamped in the not-too-distant future!





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