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The best fundraisers are also the best storytellers.

April 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Sarah in Uncategorized

There is no fundraising tool more powerful than a good story. Statistics, facts and figures are useful for driving home a point; yet without a compelling narrative to weave them together, they leave potential donors unengaged.

With thousands of worthy organizations vying for limited resources, the need for a clear, compelling and well-crafted story is more important than ever. Grant proposals, sponsorship solicitations and donor appeals must speak to the reader on a personal level. They must be creative, professional and concise, achieving maximum impact with the fewest possible words.

As a freelance grant writer and nonprofit development consultant, I combine my background in fundraising with my love of writing. I approach each new client from the point of view of a potential donor. What do I need to know about the organization? What elements of its work speak to me on a fundamentally human level? What makes this organization stand out from the countless others competing for my donation?

My grant proposals have earned millions of dollars in funding for organizations of all different sizes, areas of focus and locations. I have completed feasibility studies, program evaluation plans, sponsorship packages and countless written projects, all with the goal of translating each client’s story into dollars for its core mission.

I work with my clients to help them present themselves as fiscally sound, sustainable organizations meeting a demonstrated need in their communities. Based on my knowledge of both institutional and individual funders, I make recommendations as to how they can improve their internal systems to become more “fundable” in the eyes of the seasoned philanthropist.

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