Making a case for your organization through the power of language.

About Sarah

The best fundraisers are also the best storytellers. 

I am a self-employed nonprofit development consultant and grant writer. Based in Chicago, IL, I work with clients across the country, helping them develop sustainable fundraising practices and craft successful grant proposals.

My specialty is language, and my goal is to put each client’s mission into terms that the public can understand and embrace. The importance of clear, compelling writing extends far beyond grant applications – it is critical for web content, marketing materials, correspondence with donors and prospects, case statements, strategic plans, and so much more.

I began my career in the arts, and have since expanded my clientele to include organizations in the fields of social justice, health and human services, issues advocacy, education and youth services.

Working with such diverse client organizations, I am constantly learning new things! When I write a grant for an organization, I need to write like an expert on whatever it is that organization specializes in. So I delve into each subject, reading, asking questions and absorbing as much information as I can. By the completion of each project, I am well-versed in the topic at hand, and capable of making a strong case for each of my clients’ unique missions.

This is the thing I love most about my job. It bestows on me a wealth of knowledge far more varied than my own personal interests would ever lead me to acquire. The best part is, I get to learn about these things from the real experts — people who have devoted their lives and careers to the things they are passionate about.


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